Wednesday , June 16 2021

The French newspaper L 'Humanité on the verge of bankruptcy

The latter responded to the information from the weekly Marian that the newspaper was "forced to declare bankruptcy."

"For months, the readers and newspaper staff founded in 1904 by Jean-Jóres were informed of the serious financial difficulties that L 'Humanité had to face as many other newspapers," Le said in a statement Hyaric hearing will be held "next January 30 for the company's future".

According to a journalist from humanity who wants anonymity, employees were informed about a new Thursday at a program meeting and "promised to be paid, but through the AGS," which he assumes when a company has no funds for payment of salaries.

Journalists, who represent more than half of the 200 employees of the daily newspaper, were "taken out of class" at the time of the announcement but remained "martial".

"This is particularly a crisis of the paper press in its entirety, which raises the issue of the independence of the press in France," he analyzes while wondering whether it is still "possible today" to have an independent seal of the big financial groups or their subsidiary ".

"This precious asset is in jeopardy in 2019. Technological changes in the press, changes in reading habits, but also the need for editorial innovation require funding," said SNJ-CGT Humanité in a statement. Saturday.

"The pluralism of the press is a democratic issue and the state has to take its responsibility to ensure it." We are convinced that our newspaper plays an exclusive role in the media landscape, "added SNJ-CGT, calling" all those involved in democratic and republican values, all who carry high values ​​of social justice, subscribe, donate, subscribe.

The continuation plan was presented by the newspaper's management, according to Marianna, who makes two assumptions. If the plan had to be rejected, the newspaper "would be bankrupt and closed," but "in the most likely case it is a legal remedy that will be announced to allow it to continue its business," he continues the week.

"Jean-Joes is still not dead," says a journalist from "Mankind". A support meeting was held on February 22 in Bellevilloise, Paris, and a subscription was opened to allow the Jaurès newspaper to continue to appear.

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