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the oil rat raises the issue of monitoring port activities


Dthe dark spots, accompanied by a floating bottle near Agadir Beach, caught the attention of swimmers this Sunday, August 4th. Holiday makers immediately alerted the competent authorities, and a Gendarmerie Environmental Investigation Brigade was opened the same day to determine the cause of the incident.

Although the origin of the pollution is not yet known, the Landscapes Association, which specializes in environmental issues, meanwhile, posted a message yesterday on its Facebook page. "We still do not know what exactly happened and we are still waiting for the results of the analyzes and fingerprints"Says Rahid Fasih, president of the association."It would be an engine-emptying oil that would escape from a box containing twenty liters. About five of them were thrown into the sea."

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Posted by Association Paysages de l & # 39; environnement et de la Culture on Sunday, August 04, 2019

Minimum amounts, but not without risk, as stated by the President of the Association: "It is harmful to the environment, water quality and the beach as a whole. Furthermore, the discharge of hazardous products and liquids is officially prohibited by the Coast Protection Act."

Although the impact of the incident is limited, given the low oil spill, the problem of water quality in the Greater Agadir region is more widespread. "It's been two years since the municipality no longer has the international Blue Flag label awarded by the Mohammed VI Foundation for the environment", Says the president of the association.

Compliance with environmental standards

To make this distinction, several criteria are considered: bathing water quality, information and awareness of environmental issues, but also hygiene or beach development and management. A label designed for "beaches that meet environmental standards", Summarizes the president of the association.

According to Rahid Fasih, the water quality problems in the area are partly due to "the proximity of the beach to the port of Agadir"."Professionals do not necessarily pay attention, and sometimes there is a spill of dangerous products. The problem also comes from the various mouths that carry plastic waste from distant wild landfills to Agadir Beachhe explains.

Payments Association wishes todaysensitize professionals and politicians to find solutions to the water quality problem", Rahid Fasih continues."Unfortunately, the incident on Sunday shows a lack of oversight of port activities", Sorry.

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