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The Royal Navy captures 4 tonnes of sorrel near Asilah

TRAFFICING OTHERS – Net hit by Asila. A unit of the Royal Navy on a mission to Atlantic waters on Thursday thwarted a drug smuggling operation near the northwest's small town. According to a military source forwarded by MAPa large amount of boil was seized.

Nearly 130 bales or a total weight of more than 4 tonnes of ulcer were seized by the Royal Navy during an operation following a lengthy three-step chase, the same source said.

The seized products as well as the elements of the investigation were provided to the Royal Gendarmerie for the ongoing court proceedings, the military source added.

This operation of the Royal Navy comes just three days after the discovery of nearly 3 tonnes of cocaine spread in several bales by the Royal Gendarmerie on a beach in Sidi Rahal. According to our colleagues, the origins of this large number of failed medicines remain unknown for nowHespressAn investigation has been launched to trace the origin of this drug trafficking.

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