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The traces of the voice of Mexican artist Frida Halo

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Mexico (AFP)

In Mexico, an unpublished sound record is analyzed, which suggests that the artist's voice is Frida Halo (1907-1954) to determine if this is the first record known to the artist.

Mexican Culture Minister Alejandra Frauto announced on Wednesday that the record was found in the archives of Alvaro Galev y Fuentes (1918-1975), one of the star animators of the "Golden Age" of the Mexican Radio.

"The voice of Frida (Hhallo) has always been a mystery, a constant mission (…) Until today there was no record of Frida Halo," he told the press conference. Paul Granados, director of the National Sound Library, which houses the largest archive of the sound archives in Mexico.

There is a female and melodious voice in the soundtrack that reads a text written by Frida Halo in 1949 to celebrate the 50th anniversary of her creative career, artist Diego Rivera (1886-1957).

"With their Asian head, dark hair grows so thin and light that they seem to swim in the air, this is a big kid, huge, with a good face and a sad look," says the voice.

According to Paul Granados, several clues can help confirm that this is really the voice of Frida Halo. Among them is the description made in an article by French photographer Giselel Freud who writes: "Frida smokes, laughs, speaks with a warm and melodious voice."

Experts will continue the study of the Alvaro Galev and Fuentes collection and consult with other sources to gain proof that this is indeed the voice of the Mexican artist.

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