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Applications of the week: Dr. Mario World and 321FIT | NOW

Combating malignancies by arranging colored capsules Dr. Mario Worlddo your fitness exercises in retro style 321FIT and more.

Dr. Mario World

Classic puzzle game Dr. Mario raised in the early nineties of popularity TetrisThe game where you fight the viruses by arranging colored capsules on it was a big hit on Nintendo's NES and GameBoy gaming computers. p Dr. Mario World Nintendo introduces this old formula into smartphones – but this time it will rather abandon the art Breaking candy,

in Dr. Mario World you have to remove the viral blocks again by combining them with the right color capsules: if you know you put three or more blocks of the same color in one row, both pills and viruses dissolve. The pills just do not crash Dr. Mario World, you have to drag them up. If you release the pill, it will sail slowly upwards. Once you drop them, you can rotate and download the tablets – just can not slide them down.

In addition, the game is similar in many ways to similar three-in-a-line games. The levels become more and more complex, for example by hiding viruses behind the walls, which first have to "explode" with a good color combination. If you lose a level five times in a row, you will lose your life and you will have to wait or buy new ones. Finally there is power windows for example, to clear a whole row or remove a block.

You can also compete with other Versus players that are very similar Tetris 99competitive TetrisNintendo game. You are trying to save both screens without viruses. If you destroy enough, you can send viruses to the opponent's screen. Just like Tetris 99 This can be terribly exciting, but the format makes it very easy to push the enemy's screen at once, allowing the game to quickly move from "intense" to "finished".

Dr. Mario World is a fun game three in a row that is just as addictive as her colleagues. The gameplay of the main game is quite different for the people who have brought him enough Breaking candy to give a boost. However, it remains a variation of a well-known topic in which you can already feel in advance that later levels will deliberately make it difficult for you to get in-app purchases.

Download Dr. Mario World for Android or iOS (free)


321Fit is the perfect Android application for those who just do not go to the gym, I think it's retro good enough. This fitness app has a nice, simple pixel design that makes you wonder what Spotify would look like in the 1980s.

The app also keeps it easy to use. At startup you can choose between several fitness programs, divided into three difficulty categories. You can also choose a body part program or a fitness goal, each exercise can be adjusted by hand, for example based on weight or duration.

You will then see what exercises consist of the program you selected. You just have to find out for yourself what exactly the exercises are doing. 321FIT watch how long you have to perform, how heavy the weights are and how often you have to repeat a certain movement.

The application is pleasantly dark, good for the eyes and the battery. Just the lack of explanation is unfortunate: you really need to be somewhere else for that.

Download 321FIT on Android (free)

Facial pause

For example, do you sometimes play smartphone games that just keep pondering whether you are actively doing something or are you worried that you will be distracted while watching a movie on your mobile phone? Facial pause it may be good for your nerves. The app uses a smartphone on your Android smartphone to see if you're still using your phone. If this turns out to be wrong, then move Facial pause the active application stops immediately.

The app requires permission to use your camera and work over your apps. You are moving Facial pause then the shutdown application can be made at any time via the notification menu. You can open other apps with Facial pause-app alone, or just in the usual way.

From this moment Facial pause see if your person is still on the phone. As soon as this is not the case, the application used receives a light blue overlay and stops any activity sign. Therefore, the application is not stopped and does not continue to work in the background: it only does something when Facial pause See your face again.

The app is pretty sensitive in this. All you have to do is move your head a little left or right and you risk that the application will decide that you no longer pay attention.

Download Android Face Break (Free)

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