Saturday , June 19 2021

Bangkok's artwork stolen in Bataklan's emergency door in Paris NOW

The works of art painted by the artist, Banksy, on the emergency door of Bataclan's Paris club last June, were stolen. The thieves would hit mills on the night from Friday to Saturday.

On camera shots you can see how artworks are loaded with a door and all in a truck, reports the French LCI,

The mayor of the Eleventh Arordian reacted in an alarming state. "This silhouette is made free of charge by the artist, it is an altruistic gesture to show respect to the victims of the attack and their relatives, and I regret that people took it without thinking about the meaning of the work."

Banksy's graffiti were opened on the 25th of June at Bataclan's door. In this nightlife, Muslim extremists have raided a concert on November 13, 2015 with ninety victims.

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