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Bibby Breyman shares photos of Wailon and Teddy

Bibi's new deposit makes it clear that it's all about her little Teddy sprouts. The whole vacation is adapted to her, which means that there are carpets everywhere and the parents have to pay their full attention. "You have to pay attention if she leaves now she will cry," says Bibi. "Now she realizes that if I leave I will no longer be hired by her. And yes, Teddy starts crying. "Again, I think this is unfortunate, and then I go there. Oh, Mom has ruined her child – jokes jokes.

Then Bibie continues with her little girl on the tour of the house. "Now Teddy starts to crawl a little, so he's sitting on four legs from time to time. And then it looks like it works, "the brunette insisted. "It may not be your responsibility to say about your five-month-old baby, but it is. The same day when the time comes, Teddy can crawl. "Oh, God, the peace is over," answers Waylon. "Now your mom can crawl over you all day," Bibby says to the little one.

The family also goes to the beach on the last day of their vacation. "You've never been to the sea, have you?" Asks Bibi from the enormous enthusiastic Teddy. But the joy is short-lived. When Waylon leaves his daughter in the water with his feet, the fun is quickly suppressed and the small sprouts start crying. It turned out to be a little too cold for Teddy, but Daddy Uaylon quickly came to his aid and rubbed his little legs again. – Quickly warm up.

Later Bibi reveals that she has received her first Mother's Day gift. This is a ring of amethyst and diamonds around it. "Really the most beautiful gift ever," says the deposit. – I owe it to Ted because she makes me a mother. Unfortunately, the break ends for the family afterwards, although they were happy to return home.

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