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BOD 2018: Steffi and Michelle are in love!

MensTypes Coach Monica Wardenaar knows better than anyone how to find the ideal partner. He analyzes every week Farmers are looking for a woman for us and see if the farmers have chosen well. This week: Michelle and Steffi are in love.

We have to wait a long time, but finally the spark Farmers are looking for a woman 2018. Maarten seems to fall in love with Michelle. Despite the fact that these feelings are interconnected, he continues to feel afraid. Behind their minds, the mind still haunts all the times that something is wrong. Steffi became almost in love and could no longer think normally, if she was alone in the room with the man of her dreams. Well, what hormones can be done in your body. Wim also began to get feelings for Marit. The woman who remained after two other guests left screaming. But fortunately for Wim, Marit is the woman he will choose for himself.

Drama on Jaap and Marnix

Jaap and Marnix continued to complain about how very difficult they were to find a choice among their women. Jaap found two lanes on the same side, but on the other hand they were very different. "Can't you two love me, you two," he sighed.

Jaap notices that Petra is all simple things like: "how do you lie in bed? Are you lying by your side or are you …" This is a clear question for warm-blooded, cuddly people like Petra. A cooler and wiser marian will not ask this question very quickly and Ja will once again question that. But with her cheeks almost red, she assured Jaap by saying, "You should know how curious I am about you."

Marnix also found himself very sad at Anneke, who seemed to have lost her patience with him. "Both of you are completely different. And the only similarity is that when you two are really different, I also have each other," Marnix wailed.

That's right, that's how Marnix works. He is a type of Jupiter Mars and Janneke a Jupiter Moon. Their Jupiter side explains the attraction between them. But Mars and the Moon are not super matches. Janneke is allergic should, Governing speech and bone behavior. "The way Marnix brings things doesn't suit me," he said rather disappointed. But that is Marnix, the default characteristics cannot be changed.


Wim finally got to know his wife's dream better. "Everything went well, I have the feeling that we are crawling with each other, with a considerable leap," he said. Sounds complicated. But Wim did his best. He makes Marit happy by saying that he really likes him, likes him very much and starts to feel something for him. Even if it's uncomfortable, he can appreciate careful physical contact.

Although Marit is still having difficulty moving. Within 24 hours, so much has changed. Suddenly he knew Wim. As he said: "I have to know Wim well now and I continue to discover new things."

Wim is Jupiter type and Marit Venus Mercury. Their properties of Mercury and Jupiter explain their attractiveness. But there is a possibility that the type of person like Marit will continue to believe that Wim does not take sufficient initiative, be too careful.


Steffi was crazy about Roel. Sparks, butterflies and creeping gave so much romance in his body that he almost got bored. He was very happy that the feeling was mutually beneficial. "When I see you, I become very happy. I think it's nice to see you busy and happy to be with you," is his reaction to the statement of love.

Poor Harold has to swallow, even though he expects a little. He sometimes finds his conversation with the rude Steffie and the contact between Roel and him more clearly and more tired. "Of course I cried inside out, but from the outside … the chrome layer continued to shine," he admitted.

Steffi is Jupiter and Harold's Moon is Saturn's Mercury, they are the maximum attraction of each. Their characters match. This is a good foundation for friendship or love relationships. "I think you are a very cool man. I can talk and laugh with you. You can be my best friend," he pressed Harrold who was rejected to his heart.

Roel is Saturn and is also suitable. Steffi had chosen Roel who was serious and reserved, not for Harrold entertainers. What he seems to be looking for in a relationship is rest and he has found it on Roel. As he said: "I shut you up." For those who Steffi replied: "and I am also kind and silent from you."


Michelle has chosen. The man of his dreams is Maarten. He looks very happy that he wants to go to him, because in the meantime he falls in love with Michelle. Everything is good for him and if he thinks about the future together, he can only be happy.

Ruud felt nervous about the moment of choice. He also has feelings for Michelle. He said that you don't have many opportunities in your life to meet such good women. That there aren't thousands who conquer your heart, just a little.

But Ruud is not right. If you see the type of person that best suits you, you find that there are many potential partners who walk around than you think.

Michelle is Mars Jupiter and Maarten, Jupiter's Moon. Not an ideal match because Mars and Moon can clash enough. Ruud is a type of Venus. Mars and Venus are the maximum attraction of each. But he has chosen a relationship with someone who has the same type as him. Relations with fewer fireworks, but more rest.


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Monica Wardenaar is the coach of the MensTypes, TypeDating coach and author of the book "You fit." really with me & # 39; He not only provides workshops to find your ideal partner, but also training on how to implement MensTypes to improve your (work) relationship.

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