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CBS: More and more young men can not or do not want to work NOW

A growing group of men aged between 25 and 45 are not active in the labor market. According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, for example, these are men who can not work. People who do not want to work are also included. They are not unemployed because they are not looking for or available for work.

In the first quarter of 2009, the group was 4.6% of the total, at the beginning of this year it grew to 8%, or about 100,000 men.

The most common reason why you do not want or are unable to work is sickness or disability. This affects 2.9% of men. The study or study is also often cited as a reason.

The decline in the percentage of men aged between 25 and 45 has been going on for some time, the statistical office notes. In the 1970s, the percentage of inactive people is still between 1 and 3%.

The share of women in the same age group who did not participate in the labor market was over 60% around 1970 and dropped to less than 20% in the coming years. However, this decline has been halted over the last ten years.

Women are still ill or unable to work more often

According to CBS, sickness or disability as a cause of incapacity for work is more common among women than men. For women, this percentage has even increased from 3.8 to 4.8% since 2009.

On the other hand, the percentage of women between the ages of 25 and 45 who are unwilling to work due to family or household care (from 5.6 to 3.7%) is decreasing. Men rarely care as a reason not to work.

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