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Ebola reaches Uganda: A 5-year-old boy succumbs to the virus

The Children's Rights Organization of Save the Children in Uganda reports that the boy's illness was so advanced that treatment has not helped. His brother and grandmother are also infected with the virus.

"No fireplace"

Eight other people are quarantined as a precautionary measure. They may have been in contact with the infected family. According to Brechtje van Lith of Save the Children, it's important to find out as quickly as possible who could have missed an Ebola infection.

"So we are trying to limit the disease, so there is no outbreak of Ebola in Uganda so far, so far, there are too few cases of infection, and we keep track of the news about new infections."


The Ebola virus most likely reached Uganda from the neighboring Congo. The disease has been raging for almost a year, and more than a thousand people have fallen victim to it. This is the second most deadly epidemic in West Africa since 2014. Perpetual violence among militias and distrust of health care providers and doctors in the population make it difficult to fight the Ebola. This makes the outbreak in Congo very sustainable.

"Every day many people cross the border between Congo and Uganda," said Van Liet. "That's why it is not a question of whether, but when Ebola reaches Uganda, everyone is checked for symptoms of the disease, but that is not a guarantee of prevention."


Save the Children is already fully committed to familiarizing local communities with the symptoms of the disease and the importance of sound as soon as possible. "For some people there is a taboo around the disease, and nobody likes to connect with Ebola."

Even people who have survived the disease and are therefore immunized do not trust certain communities. "Ebola should be discussed by the population so as to isolate new infections as quickly as possible The fact that eight people have been found almost immediately after the three infections have been reported shows that our recovery tactics the awareness works. "

According to Van Lit, the Ugandan government is well prepared for confrontation with Ebola. In addition, medical teams in health centers and villages are well trained and have enough material. To prevent further spread, all flu-like symptoms should report as soon as possible.

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