Thursday , September 23 2021

Frank Evenblij and Dieuwertje Blok present Sinterklaas night at NPO | NOW

Dieuwertje Blok and Frank Evenblij present this year's TV program in Sinterklaas night Sinterklaas, who doesn't know him? on NPO 1.

Stefan de Walle will only like it Sinterklaas News and played a leading role in national entries, BNNVARA reported.

In previous years, the presentation of the annual Sinterklaas event at NPO was in the hands of Paul de Leeuw.

De Leeuw made his own Sinterklaas show at his new employer, RTL, with Hans Kesting as Sinterklaas. According to RTL Boulevard this event might be broadcast one hour later than the NPO program with Blok and Evenblij.

The block serves it from the first 12 November for three weeks Sinterklaas News. He also presents national entries in Zaanstad.

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