Monday , September 16 2019
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Google is showing a new Pixel 4 now

Google placed Pixel 4 image on Twitter after recently downloaded images on the device.

In the announcement, Google writes: "There seems to be some interest (in Pixel 4, ed.), So see here! Wait until you see what it is capable of."

The back of the phone can be seen on the photos. In the top left corner space is created for squares and lenses. Two lenses can be seen in the picture. There is also an additional sensor and flash.

In addition, photos show a button on which the phone can be switched on or off. The Google logo can be seen at the back.

The Pixel 4 design recently appeared on the leaked images from the Twitter account Onleaks, It is expected that in addition to the regular Pixel 4, a larger Pixel 4 XL will also appear. The phone is likely to be launched and marketed in the autumn. The phones of the previous Pixel did not officially appear in the Netherlands but were available for purchase through third parties.

Google had to deal with the missing information before launching a new device. Last year, almost everything about Pixel 3 was known before the company announced the phone.

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