Saturday , July 31 2021

Less is moving through an overcrowded housing market

The number of relocations has been increasing since 2014, but last year the project entered for the first time. There were 1.79 million souls, a 5% reduction compared to 2017, the Central Statistics Bureau reported.

The reason: the overfunded housing market, which is already cooling again. Last year, 10% fewer homes were sold, explains Dickter Steigh of the Netherlands Statistical Office.

Elderly people can still buy

The decrease is for all age groups that Holland uses and was the strongest among the 30-50 age group. In the 50 to 65 age group, the number of relocations declined slightly and the number of people aged over 65 was even shifted.

"These groups usually sit in a house that still has significant value, or from which the mortgage has even been paid out," says Ter Steege. "They can still sell and buy something new, also because they often live less."

Less asylum seekers

Another reason the number of relocations is decreasing is the fact that fewer asylum seekers come to the Netherlands. Last year fewer people moved away from asylum seekers' centers. "In 2015, there was a huge influx of asylum, but at some point they get status and then move," explains Ter Steege. If the number of Syrian displaced does not count, the percentage does not decrease by 5, but by 4%.

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