Sunday , June 20 2021

LIVE: Excelsior-Feyenoord (2-1) – RTV Riedmond

Excelsior and Feyenoord play the derby of the city of Rotterdam this afternoon. We are live on the radio at 12.00. Dennis Krannburg presents the report Sinclair Bishop and Dennis van Ersell.

At 12:15 in Quealingen started. The competition can be followed from start to finish by radio or via radio stream online.

The analysis comes from the former player of Excelsior Youssef el Akchawi.

Set up Excelsior

Damen; Horemans, Matthey, Oude Kotte, Burnett; Schouten, Messaoud, Koolwijk; Edwards, El Hamadui, Bruins

Arrange Feyenoord

Vermeer; St. Juste, Van Beek, Van Der Heiden, Verdonk; Classes, Thorntra, Vilna; Mountain house, Van Persie, Larson

your results

54 & 0-1 Robin Van Persie
63 & 1-1 Ali Mesaud
90 & 2-1 Robin van der Meer

Follow our live blog for the competition below.

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