Sunday , June 13 2021

Many critics of the half-time show at Maroon 5 during the Super Bowl NOW

The appearance of Maroon 5 during the Super Bowl break could rely on small applause on Sunday night. The American media had many comments about the concert of Adam Levin and his band.

deadline writes that Maroon 5's "horrible" half-time story lacked the necessary soul and did not seem to start. gunner noted that Levine "at least took off his shirt" but also joked that the band's appearance was overshadowed by SpongeBob. The figure of the animated film was just on the picture to present guest Travis Scott.

USA Today said the group had played safely during performance. According to the newspaper, this is exactly what the NFL is looking for after the critical criticism and the refusal of the stars like Rihanna and Cardi B to play at Super Bowl. The reviewer felt that this boring approach was not enough to make the concert unforgettable.

Music guests Big Boi and Travis Scott received more positive comments, although Scott made a very short contribution before leaving the scene in crowdsurfing. Only TV viewers can enjoy part of the Big Boi performance. The Outkast rapper's lyrics were often too bold for US television, so the sound was turned off several times during his performance.

Adam Levyne, Big Boy and Suner Brown during the halftime. (Photo: AFP)

The artists refuse to act in solidarity with Colin Capernic

Rihanna and Cardi B did not want to play during Super Bowl in solidarity with Colin Cappernik. The former player refused to participate in the 2016/2017 season when playing the American national anthem. He knelt in a protest against racial inequality in the United States Flag with asterisks, Then he was not already hired by football teams, according to the athlete and his supporters because of this protest.

Many stars share social media photos following the Capperic example. Singer Erika Badou, Empire– creator Lee Daniels, television producer Norman Lear Gray's Anatomy and Files X and Farrell Williams were some of the stars who put on one knee.

The stars boycot Super Bowl as a sign of solidarity with Colin Cappernik

Also, a number of social media stars apparently did not look at Super Bowl as a protest. Among other things, director Ava Duverne and actress Rosanna Arkett announced they boycotted the most important football game of the season in solidarity with Capernik.

On Sunday afternoon, Ava Duverney said: "I am not a spectator, spectator or supporter of Super Bowl today because of the racist way that Kafennik is treated and because the NFL ignores the health and well-being of the players.I believe it is not worth it.Rozanna Arquette responded with" Me Too ".

Other stars took the opportunity to take action. Nick Cannon urged his followers to transfer $ 7 (more than 6 euros) to a foundation that Capperk founded, referring to the shirt number of the footballer. Lena White shared a photo of activist Angela Davis in a shirt with the inscription "I'm behind Cap".

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