Sunday , July 25 2021

Pathé Netherlands management for 19 million euros was cheated with fake e-mail NOW

Dutch management of the cinema chain Pathé became a victim of cheats earlier this year. In total, more than 19 million euros were captured, according to the Amsterdam court judgment published this week.

The decision shows that the management of two people has become victims of fraud called the CEO.

On March 8, management received an e-mail from & # 39; headquarters & # 39; with a request to transfer 800,000 euros to pay for the takeover in Dubai. Strict confidentiality is requested.

Management doubted the request, but eventually worked together. Some requests are followed from a fictitious e-mail address, made by people who pretend to be director of the head office. In the second transaction it was almost 2.5 million euros.

The director talked about & # 39; s extraordinary process & # 39;

Larger amounts were requested and Dutch management continued to comply with requests. Fraudsters claim that they will return the amount a few weeks later. The two directors found extraordinary demand. "An extraordinary process, never experienced it like that," said the director.

Finally, management asked the French parent company to get money. When the head office rang the bell and asked where the request came from, it was clear that it was fraud. In total this involved an amount of more than € 19.2 million.

Management members are not active

The Dutch council members were placed last spring who were inactive and then dismissed by the French headquarters. The finance director struggled to resign and the judge ruled that he must be paid until December 1, 2018. According to the judge, he had acted with great error.

According to the judge, it has not been proven that both of them have been involved in fraud. "Pathé seems to be the target of professional fraudsters, who have managed to get the trust of some of Pathé's employees through good communication," can be read in the verdict.

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