Saturday , June 25 2022

'Raid threatens Hasselt elderly for two weed plants' | wasteland


RTV Oost reports this. Jan and Yani don't know exactly who the complainant is, but they have a suspicion. "Someone who doesn't even live here. We went to the neighborhood and nobody had a problem with these plants. And it didn't bother them at all. "

Husband Yan now produces weed oil from both plants, as the pair were informed that this could suppress skin problems. "Gianni has been unable to wear sex or shorts for years because of her illness. From time to time, he takes a few drops of cannabis oil and it has the effect, "the man told RTV Oost.

Tolerance policy

It is legal to have a number of plants, but it is not allowed to harvest. Medicinal use is tolerated in many municipalities. But in the event of a reported nuisance, police are required to intervene. "The police have been here several times. If we do not remove the plants themselves, they threaten with an official report and we may receive a criminal record. Psychologically, this is difficult. Do we get a fine? Or a criminal record? "

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