Sunday , August 1 2021

Rossana Kluivert made Shane at home on December 5

Rossana lets Instagram know that she made Shane at home, because there is no room for dialogue. The bad thing, according to Patrick Kluivert's wife: "Creating deletions in society if not heard." Rossana believes that Piet's appearance can be made-over. He also mentioned it in Laren's hometown. "Even with the mayor in offices, schools, bakers, etc. But no, everyone looks away."

The RTL Boulevard tells Rossana's son that they have celebrated their own way from 2013 onwards. "If there is no adjustment, my mother goes in her own way and celebrates it as hard, but then how do we see it." When he wants to talk about it, he doesn't listen, so he chooses this path. "

The soccer woman made a statement under the Instagram post by Arie Boomsma. The presenter said at his post that he had been shocked by the heated discussion that was taking place. "Speak, get involved, don't let hatred and racism win."

According to Arie, this discussion is not about arguments, but about sentiment. "Only when you understand why people feel that something is taken from them, you will continue." People will be afraid of others. "The fear of foreigners who spend money, will eliminate jobs, space and traditions, impose their own habits, which are projected into this debate."

The presenter was sad that some Dutch people did not see other Dutch people as Dutch. "That it was said in" him "and" us. "You want everyone to get to know each other, just go back and forth. If you know someone, and learn to understand, in many cases it's harder for him to hate."

Arie also referred to her Instagram post for a message from Georgina Verbaan. After he posted a photo of the Sinterklaas tour in Amsterdam yesterday, he was filled with negative reactions.

He himself found the reaction rather difficult. In comments, the actress said: "Well, it's not so bad today." Under this picture no one said that I had to die and my family and I had to be raped and killed, so that was an advantage. I'm tired of that. "

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