Monday , June 14 2021

Sick bacteria on Jumbo and Hoogvliet products

The Dutch Food and Consumer Products Authority (NVWA) reported this.

From shelves

Jumbo immediately removes cheese from the shelves. It concerns distribution, with article number 8718452265367 and expiry date April 18 and April 22 this year.

"Consuming the product can be a health hazard," says Jumbo.

All kinds of steak products

Hoogvliet is about a variety of packaged meat products, such as a steak with herbs, pickled steaks and a herb steak.

On the NVWA website you can see exactly which products are included. Hoogvliet himself calls on consumers not to eat the products. Dangerous intestinal bacteria have been detected during the inspection of part of the products.


Consuming a product with Salmonella bacteria is especially risky for pregnant women, adults and young children.


Listeria is a bacteria that can cause food poisoning. Especially dangerous for pregnant women, infants, alcoholics and elderly people with reduced immune system.

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