Tuesday , January 26 2021

Stewardess dies of measles abroad

An Israeli Airlines employee and a mother of three have been in a coma for four months.

According to The Times of Israel, Rotem Amitay fell ill while flying from America to Tel Aviv. A few days after returning home, she became ill and her condition deteriorated rapidly. In the end, she died of complications.

"Rothem was a wonderful woman and a devoted mother," her family tells Israeli media.


The flight attendant was once vaccinated against measles. It is then said that she should have received a higher dose at that time. El Al again called on all employees to check that they were properly protected.

Poison is rising again in both America and Israel. As of July 2018, 4,292 cases have been reported in Israel. This occurs mainly in areas where ultra-Orthodox Jews do not have vaccinated children based on religious beliefs. In the case of the deceased flight attendant, this was not the case.

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