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The gangs meet the Universal Studios brand: "We did not know anything"

According to The New York Times, hundreds of thousands of songs have been lost during the fire at Universal Studios in Hollywood in 2008. It's about music by dozens of artists like Eminem, John Coltrane, The Eagles, and Nirvana. The newspaper brought it yesterday. Since then, several affected groups have responded to the news. They all did not know.

Such as Hole, Courtney Love's American band grunge singer. "By the morning we did not know that our music was ruined," said a spokeswoman for the Pitchfork entertainment site. Rock band R.E.M. I never knew about the lost music. "We are trying to get more information about it," said the Twitter group.

During the fire, the master's records were lost. The master is the original song track. Copies will be issued later. There were also burned master records that were never released. – For anyone who wonders why Want more & Lt; Illdelph Halflife "Do not get a new version," says drummer Questlove of The Roots, who shares a link to the article by The Times.

The pop band Steely Dan has also lost a number of master recordings for years. "We have never had a good reason for it, maybe they're burned," the manager said in a statement.

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