Thursday , June 24 2021

The police did not finish with Gibberer entertainment

Number Clip Polizei triggered noise: creators used against uniforms on public roads. Police want the video to be corrected, but the management does not, according to the police. That is why the police are still considering possible measures.

The rapper's management confirms that the agreements are not met. Two actors in a civilian car had police suits on the public road, "something that should not have happened." The video shows a persecution that achieves speeds of 200 kilometers per hour. For example, the rapper also works red.

"We take responsibility for driving through red and turning right over the surface of the drive." The video regrets that the video has caused negative reactions. "The aim of the video is to draw the attention of the new single from Jebroer with good intentions and creativity." The fact that the rapper has passed 200 kilometers an hour is not true, says the manual. "These fictitious speeds are later in the picture.

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