Thursday , September 23 2021

Tommy Wieringa winner of the 2018 Literature Prize BookSpot

Tommy Wieringa is the 2018 BookSpot Literature Prize winner, for his novel Rita Suci. It was announced late Thursday on the TV program RTL Late Night. Wieringa received 50,000 euros. That came above 10,000 euros received the previous day for his award with an affiliated audience prize, BookSpot Reader 's Award.

This is the second major literary award for Wieringa, previously for These are names (2015) received the Libris Literary Prize. The BookSpot Literature Prize is a not-so-famous partner for the award – the name did not betray that it was a continuation of what was called the ECI Literature Prize until this year, and even earlier AKO Gift Literature. For this award Wieringa has been nominated twice before not winning, in 2009 with Caesarion and in 2005 for Joe Speedboat.

Border area

Rita Suci, the story of a man who sees his life in a null and void border region, generally seen as a very large competitor – reviews are highly praised when they appear, also in NRCthat the novel gave a maximum of five balls: "Wieringa shows her full strength here as a storyteller and masters them proficiently."

Earlier this year, Wieringa received many surprises just beside the Libyan Literature Prize, which Murat Isik won for Not visible. Rita Suci is with more than 100,000 copies which has become the best-selling literary novel of the year and competes as one of the six biggest bestsellers of the year to the NS Audience Award. The prize winner will be announced in two weeks.

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The jury, which consists entirely of literary reviewers, chose Wieringa for five other finalists from the BookSpot Literature Prize: the only non-fiction book on the list Although gravity by Suzanna Jansen, a widely recognized novel You are mine by Peter Middendorp, the debut was nominated for all possible prizes Note about moving obelisks by Arjen van Veelen, a poetry novel To forget by Peter Verhelst and unconscious distopian novels In all cities from Aukelien Weverling. Each of them received 5,000 euros for their nomination.

Prize money

Two large annual prices of Dutch literature, Libris and BookSpot, give the same amount of money. The main difference is that non-fiction books compete with the BookSpot prize. In addition, the BookSpot prize also has a reader prize, the winner is determined by fifty selected readers. They also choose Rita Suci, leaving two other competitors, Suzanna Jansen and Pieter Waterdrinker (Jalan Tchaikovsky 40), fishing behind the net. The previous time that a reader prize was given, public choice was also in accordance with the choice of a professional jury.

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