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Tornado Red with 90 kilometers far longer than you imagined

The tornado last Tuesday at Redden covered much more kilometers than originally thought. MeteoGroup's research has already shown that the tornado has traveled 90 kilometers in the Netherlands.

It was originally believed that the tornado had passed only 33 kilometers across the country. On the basis of reconstruction, the Weather Agency has already stated that the whirlwind covers a 90-kilometer stretch for an hour and then crosses the border with Germany, writes Omroep Gelderland.

During this time, the tornado travels along the line from Neumann to Zutfens and beyond. The whirlwind caused many damage in different places. The trees were rooted, and the roofs of the buildings were burned. The chaos was the biggest in Red, where the wind was blowing over a residential area.

Multiple tornadoes

According to MeteoGroup meteorologists, it is possible that the tornado that crosses Redden has split into Overreusel or a second tornado has emerged nearby.

It is said that the third and fourth tornadoes traveled through the provinces of Drenthe, Groningen and Frieland that night.

The Weather Agency is still investigating the tornado. Meteorologists are looking for additional observations and ask people to share their photos, videos and stories with them.

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