Thursday , July 29 2021

UWV has illegally removed more waiting lists

This is apparent from a message from the professional association of insurance physicians NOVAG. RTL Nieuws studies have shown that UWV's nurses are located last week to determine how sick they are and how much benefit they get.

Big reserves

Because of a shortage of insurance doctors, UWV suffers from serious delays in inspecting people. You must see at least 30,000 files. But a nurse may not determine whether a person is 100% rejected or needs to be reconsidered. This is only possible for an insurance doctor.

At the end of January, the NOVAW Board asked the management of the UWV procedure at the Groningen office. They have received reports that a team without large-scale research has provided disability benefits while IVA benefits for their retirement.

Internal Research

The UWV reported that in 2018 more than 4,600 assessments were made by a team of social nurses. They work under the responsibility of two experienced doctors, say UWV. Something that experts say is forbidden.

UWV, after broadcasting, RTL News admitted that only one doctor could determine whether someone was totally incapacitated or not. The Compensation Agency says today that it does not want to answer the new numbers. UWV's Internal Audit Unit will examine the way thousands of nursing files are handled in Groningen's office. This calls for UWV to wait first.

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