Thursday , July 29 2021

Vaccination Experts: "The Netherlands Leaves Health Benefits"

Rolf Remorie from the vaccine manufacturer GSK also believes that the government should think better in scenarios and anticipate faster outbreaks. "Waiting for the outbreak is a fact that always leads to a shortage of vaccines," he says. "Moreover, emergency orders are much more expensive than planned care."

Remorie mentions the outbreak of meningococcal W several years ago when he thinks the government has lately ordered vaccines. He feels that this will happen with meningococcus B.

Health advice

Experts also believe that health counseling should take too long to give advice on a vaccine. Gerhard Zielhuis, Chairman of the Vaccines Committee of the Health Council, also present in the House of Representatives, acknowledges that the Council is cautious.

"We are a little eager to act too fast if there is uncertainty." Meningococ B is a good example of this and, with regard to safety, there are still issues that need to be asked about the current vaccine. There are many developments in the area of ​​job vacancies: let's look at this in three years.


Vaccination is often about cost effectiveness. In the Netherlands, there is nothing officially established about the maximum cost of a drug or vaccine, but it is often suggested in the government's advice that a drug may cost up to € 80,000 a year. For preventive measures, such as vaccines, the maximum amount is 20,000 euros, health experts say in the House of Representatives.

"Funny strict limitation," says Professor Postma. "This leaves the Netherlands with health benefits and this amount should be increased for vaccines against serious diseases such as meningococcal B." Former De Groot Health Council member also believes that a higher amount is socially acceptable and necessary. "Financial considerations are obviously considered to be more important than the health council, but also beyond it, than the health benefits that need to be achieved for children and the elderly."

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