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Episode 15: Girl's night, night of boys and too many shouts

People, an episode tonight Married at first glance is a warning tale.

Never, never go to the girls' night or the boys. If you do, you can just understand that your whole marriage is unstable and someone can scream like this:

I am scared.


I am scared.

Pour a cup of chamomile tea and meditate with Dino before you start with this. You will need it.

We start the episode with Ines and Sam, who wake up in Sam's hotel room after spending the night together.

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"It was really incredible last night," says Ines, failing Sam.

The conversation was good when we returned to our room, things got hotter.

"Yes, it was a sexy night, chemistry with Sam and I was really intense, we could not get away from each other all night."

Excuse me for a minute. * works up to a bath *

Okay, I came back.

He skillfully throws us away from the fragrance.

"I'm glad you came and stayed." I had to show you the views, "he says to Ines when he hugs her, and we all realize that there is no fun business with these two. There is nothing to be seen here, people!

And then Elizabeth arrives!

She's sick, but she's back! She grabs the keys of her room with Sam at the reception.

As he walks up the elevator to the hotel room, Sam tells Ines that they have to keep their night in secret and that it's "exciting," and Ines gives us the look that every girl who ever was told do, give.

- Yes, cool. This will definitely not be bad for everyone.


– Yes, cool. This will definitely not be bad for everyone.

Ines climbs and descends the stairs, avoiding Lizzie, thanks to the fact that he is in camouflage.

Lizzie arrives and Sam is seriously shocked. He tells the producers that he is happy that he did not come earlier or would have Sam in bed with Ines.

Sam tells Lizzie that she is hypocritical and disrespectful of the disappearance.

– I'm a little irritated. These are bulls … because I did not know you were coming today.

"It does not make any sense to me. Your biggest thing was communicating, then just being a hypocrite and doing exactly what you've been pursuing … I feel like I'm a more honest person. now from you.

Oh, the old one "blames the other person for everything you're guilty of."

Always a Terrible World winner! Every fiber of my being wants Ines to sneak through the door to take her underwear or something and see Sammy talk about her exit from it.

In Ines Hotel, Bronson visits and tells Ines that he's "light" and looks "fresh."

Ah, Bronson. He is like a man who is planning a circular world while a meteor strikes directly on Earth.

He says he misses waking up in the same apartment and flies the idea of ​​returning together when they return to Sydney. Ines immediately turns it off.

I am stunned by Bronson's thought that he will go literally otherwise.

Meanwhile, Martha and Michael are talking about hearing. Someone claims to have seen Ines and Sam in the hotel's sauna together. More about this later.

The night of the boys and the night

When in Queensland, take a luxurious hat and bottle of champagne and relax.

This is a view.


This is a view.

It's time for the Night of the Boys and the Night of the Girls. Brides and grooms are separated and given free alcohol and the opportunity to share disputes over their spouses.

The night begins jam when Cam tells the boys that he is in love with Jules.

Over the girls' night club, Jules tells the same story and all the "Awws", except for Ines, who says he does not care.

"From a small child I just had no interest in other people's business," she says.

She was probably having fun at Show & Tell, breaking the little kids for not caressing her until they were crying.

Meanwhile, Jessica tells the girls that she and Mick have sex – they already know – and that she mostly did it because Mike suggested if they did not sleep together, they would not go to a mile.

Mike Heidi's wife roams and protects her "splendid" husband. "I'll ask him about his specific words," he later admitted, "it's not Mike's job.

Speaking of Mike, he is currently putting pressure on Dino, assuming he jumps over his baby and begins to "walk" with Melissa.

He uses this opportunity to talk about his own sexual life with Heidi, of course. After all, this is a day ending with "Y".

The Mark, who has several beers, tells the boys that Melissa has said she is ready to hit Dino.

"Slam it," Mark says. I do not have time for this. Burn it to the ground. Let's check for the girls again.

Lizzie arrives. Only once do I want Sam or Lisi to appear in time for the event!

Lizzie talks about the struggle she had with Sam, and Innes suddenly interested in foreign business.

This long-standing philosophy he swore continued … Eight minutes.

Lizzie remembers how she began to love Sam before she fell ill, and the other women-who heard Sam tell a story like this at the last dedication ceremony-told Lizzie that Sam had said he was not interested in any attachment to her .

In order to try to prove that Sam has run the moves, she tells women that Sam has "put my thumb in my mouth".

Ines tortured and says Elizabeth must lie.

"Your relationship will never work because you come here and you do not respect it.

"I do not know if he does the same thing because I do not really talk to him, but I do not think that's a healthy thing, that's what we were with Bronson, so I said" leave ".

"When you are with someone, you have to imagine beautiful qualities with each other. The things you say are low blows.

Kirell calls Ines for the last comment, because they all know that Ines is delaying Bronson a lot.

"I have already taken the responsibility for this and I have seen John and we have walked away from him. Once we have not respected one another," says Ines, and everyone who watches him laughs uncontrollably.

I, watching this unfolds.


I, watching this unfolds.

Jules, who watched all this, notes that Normally quiet Ines has a lot to say tonight. Jules, as always, the hero of all our hearts.

"Do you think Sam?" Because I've never heard you talk so much.

Suddenly, other women want to know this, and Ines admits that Sam is "an attractive person," but denies that he is interested in him.

He describes Elizabeth's affection as "like pirans that attack my face."

His story about the thumb is that Elizabeth put her finger there. Somebody is lying because they do not even know which figure it was.

Half of the band thinks this story is funny, and more (especially Bronson) think that Sam has to take care of private details.

Meanwhile, Sam laughs behind Bronson's back of being in touch with Ines. It's very rough.

There is a moment when Elizabeth looks around and realizes that the bride is missing.

"Where's Lauren?" she asked with anxiety. Honestly, the last two episodes are so intense that I forgot Loren even to exist.

The women explain that Loren and Matthew have come home at the last dedication ceremony.

NIN: I'm sorry for Matt [because of his] social anxiety.
INES: Why do you care?
blister [yelling across the table]: NO, this is out of line! This is low. This is something you do not touch, girls! Look at your smile, it's low!

Me when someone is trying to say, pizza shapes are a great taste.


Me when someone is trying to say, pizza shapes are a great taste.

INES: Get your finger off my face.
LIZES: You have to be ashamed of that. It's a mental illness, do not touch that!
INES: I live with PTSD throughout my life-

If I were Sam or Ines, I would probably have tried to get used to it.

Heidi, the only sober woman in the room, calls for time.

If someone needs me, I'll look at "Martha / Michael / Kama / Jules / Heidi Eritreier Hour" and leave the rest of that garbage where it is. No, not you, Mike.

Stay in your seat and think about what you did.

"Elizabeth is dying for battle, but I just stare at her and think," If you ever think I'm going to relax at your pathetic level, you're out of your mind, "says Ines.

Kirel, who does not think she is quite dramatic tonight, raises the bet by taking Lisie to the bar and tells her that he has a rumor about Sam and Ines in the sauna.

"Ines! I've taken care of Sam in the sauna!" Lizzie yells through the room.

Tactics and subtlety are unattainable tonight. Shouting? We call that we have plenty.

Ines tells her to come and talk to her face instead of screaming around the room.

– Ladies, what have you all heard? Talk! Lizzie tells the band. Ines calls Lizzie a "walking problem".

"I do not care to talk to someone who does not care about me when I talk. See how you stand by a dude.

– I do not like Sam! declares Ines. But Elizabeth says, "If you want it, you can get it."

Little does Lisie know that she already has.

Meanwhile, the boys make literally "all" and are called best friends.

Hurray! Tomorrow we'll all be next to each other, probably!


Hurray! Tomorrow we'll all be next to each other, probably!

The boys may not have stayed hanging, but we are. Ines and Sam will become a real couple?

Will Bronson and Lizzie get out of revenge? Will they try you aggressively and collide with each other like in the 90s series? Find out tomorrow!

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