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Giveaway: Take the Chandra Planeswalker Deck for Magic: The Gathering Arena

We have ….. a lot. Just take one.

[Had some issues with the keys, but the new ones should be good!]

We have a lot of codes to buy the Chandra Planeswalker deck Magic: The Gathering ArenaTake one.

Well, Magic: The Gathering Arena I just finished my big Celebrity Cup tournament. The hell of a world in which there are celebrities Magic: Gathering, Yes?

Anyway, the famous people in the industry just made a tournament and you know what that means? Free stuff for you! Thanks, famous people! To celebrate the event, we have literally a ton of keys on Chandra Planeswalker's deck MTG ArenaJust pick one. Please?

So the concept is pretty cool: celebrities from France, Germany and the UK were combined with a pro-level magic players and emerged into crazy competition. Famous people had a limited time to learn how to play, so they relied on the management of their partners if they wanted to win.

The winners of the event were Autumn Burchett / Dan Bull, a team of two UK players. Second place in the United Kingdom is Gary and Crokeiz from the UK against Nerdkulture / VysenGames and EinfachPeter / Freakle from Germany and Jhon Rachid / JiRock and Raphael Levy / PV Nova from France. A friendly event, but no less competitive for him, the fall and Dan played a flawless tournament, losing matches on either Day 1 or Day 2.

Are you in Twitch? Watch a bunch Magic: The Gathering Arena!

If you feel inspired now, we have some free Chandra Planeswalker decks to give away! Just use the widget below to get a key and redeem your account. Easy!

Your key must be redeemed by 23:59 pm On July 14, 2019, a quick twist, I know. But do your best! If our keys are gone, they're gone, so get in.

You can play Magic: The Gathering Arena online now.

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Official Rules

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Finally, Destructoid has the right to kick your ass and take your prize if you're a dick, so be cool and do not kick all the puppies on your way to victory. Have fun with our racing and be a good sport when you win or lose. Do not forget: First you get the power, then you get the money, then the baby.

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