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How a nurse falsifies it until it is captured

OPINION: Politeness is said to be infectious, and one of the best things about Wellington is their courtesy on the roads. Without even asking you, they let you in. No questions were asked. There is no waiting. This is attractive.

Courtesy even seems to have acquired medical qualifications. This week it was revealed that a woman who worked for 23 years in the UK as a psychiatrist has done this under a false qualification for university qualifications at Auckland University.

But she was kindly brought into the medical workforce in the United Kingdom without asking questions. Perhaps she continued to enjoy her deceptive position if she had not been discovered by a British reporter (not a medical dog) who smelled of a big rat after the woman faked the will of an elderly woman trying to succeed her estate.

Everything the reporter had to put into deeper problems was a couple of obvious phone calls back to major sources in New Zealand, Auckland University and the New Zealand Medical Council. Her "medical certificate" indeed confirmed her graduation with a degree in 1992.

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We are pleased to note that the medical boards in the United Kingdom and New Zealand assure us that the old grant and trust system (which now requires urgent reconsideration of the thousands of doctors registered earlier) was replaced in 2003 by a stricter approach.

Zolia Aleymy falsely claims to have a medical degree when he came to the United Kingdom in the 1990s.


Zolia Aleymy falsely claims to have a medical degree when he came to the United Kingdom in the 1990s.


But replacing the old with the new does not necessarily mean the end of false psychiatrists, doctors or even nurses. History is full of these stories, and fake nurses, for example, are known for fraud, including fraud and forgery.

Recently a precocious nurse who is already working in a hospital moves to work as a nurse practitioner after a false statement that a nurse is registered and no proof is requested. Over the next four years she continues to practice a nurse in four different operations, never checking her real registration before continuing.

Another foreign nurse who had a nurse had a number of medical notes listed on LinkedIn's website last year. His case is as serious as the fake psychiatrist in the ND because, as the NP has prescribed rights, including for controlled substances.

It is a bit discouraging to see a growing number of documented cases of intruders in such trusted health professions. Many have the power to diagnose patients and prescribe strong medications. The fake psychiatrist, the British reporter pointed out, may "hold patients against their will in cases where this may prove necessary, all of them trustworthy."


Just as many thought the psychological thriller Trust me is just a fiction, it is terribly close to reality. For those of you who have not taken care of this, a former nurse steals the identity of his doctor, learns how to use a stethoscope, acquires a few skills to sew from the world wide web, and succeeds in cheating. It's worth watching.

Then there is the famous story of Levon Mkhighat, who is a medical student but failed to complete his degree. He continued to work with 3363 patients for two years in seven NHS trusts in the field of oncology, cardiology, transplantation and surgical wards, as well as in A & E, successfully successfully tampering with documents.

A sister at a hospital in England called Kevin O'Flanagan, who claims to be an "orthopedic practitioner," thinks of complicated working titles for his colleagues working for more than eight years, and puts cash for nearly 40 shifts that he does not has worked ,

Lively viewer on Gray's Anatomy, he held a stethoscope in his wardrobe, wore surgical mats around the house, carried them on a camping site and even as his pajamas.

Strangely, he held the human dashboard like a coffee table, explaining that the joint belongs to a 90-year-old man and wants to turn it into a door lock. He was detained last year.

All this creates enviable reading.


"All the time you can fool some of the people and all the people, but you can not deceive all people all the time," said Abraham Lincoln.

But many still manage to cheat and eventually return, but often as long as it is possible to create fair, undiscovered damage.

The way nurses and doctors are currently being screened (or not checked) is obviously a big problem. These scammers get jobs, study students, and treat patients. How were they hired first? A "nurse" knew that she had a permanent teaching job at a large college with a big boot salary. She was finally bombarding when she had to perform a sister test for six years.

For our newest psychiatrist, who is embracing his future, now seems rather gloomy. Like many in front of her and no doubt many who were supposed to follow, she received the courtesy of leaving a few questions. But it will probably be some time before it's released.

– Doctor of New Zealand

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