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Netol: Nolein Tauraa opens Maria Follu as World Cup winner

Silver Nobel laureate chief coach Nolein Tauraa said she would have no problem choosing Maria Folau in New Zealand for the World Cup, despite her husband's Rugby Australia's ongoing saga.

Maria's husband, Israel Folau, had signed a four-year 4-million-dollar deal, which was suspended by Rugby Australia on Friday after the fall of his anti-gay statements at Instagram.

Although Maria does not share the same views as Israel publicly, the Silver Fox veteran supports it in the past by saying, "Stay with God, no matter what … Do not be afraid to stand up for the truth even if that means you will stay alone ".

But the termination of the treaty of Israel so far has not bothered Tauraa, who said matter Maria was still in the mix.

"I have no problem with her," Taurawa said.

Silver Frog Nolein Taurawa Coach. Photo / Getty Images
Silver Frog Nolein Taurawa Coach. Photo / Getty Images

"At the moment I have no cause for concern: While she does what she has to do on court and is prepared as much as possible as any other, she is at the same [selection] boat.

"She's working behind the scenes here [in Australia]She learns a lot of things I know, and if you are immersed in the Australian way, it will only be positive for her play.

Maria, currently playing for Adelaide Thunderbirds in Australia's Super Netball competition, is set to be named Silver Ferns on Thursday as one of the game's best shooters.

Her experience with the British media, however, can create unrestricted social media issues to be put on parrots during the World Cup – a timely reminder of the use of platforms wisely according to Taurawa.

"Like everything we need to know about our strategy to move forward in terms of communication and attitudes towards social media," she said Stuff.

Maria and Israel Folau. Photo / Getty Images
Maria and Israel Folau. Photo / Getty Images

– I guess that's what it is. We are still in selection testing and we will work to make sure we have set plans for what's happening in the world or in England.

Earlier this week, Maria revealed her approach to retirement, which suggests that the World Cup in July may be her last exit in the black dress.

"Let's just say I'm very close to the end," she said in an interview with former Australian goal-shooting Catherine Cox.

"It's only been the last few years when I realized that netball is not everything.

"Netball is a huge part of my life, but there are other things in my life that have come to a place that really has to go on."

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