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Outward direction sexual pleasure love game

Do you believe that sex and intercourse are synonymous? If so, how would you feel if we say they are not really? Sex is not limited to penetration and does not even have to be included in sex. Only outsourcing can do the right thing. That's what science says. According to a study published in Newspaper for sex and marriage therapymost women need clitoral stimulation more than sex to have an orgasm. The researchers asked 1055 women between the ages of 18 and 94 to answer some questions about their sexual life. This was done to know the sexual preferences of women and the contribution of the clitoris and vaginal stimulation to their orgasm.

Researchers have found that only about 18% of women say they have reached their peak during intercourse by vaginal penetration. About 36% report that they need clitoral stimulation to achieve orgasm during intercourse, and another 36% say that clitoral stimulation actually acts as a bonus and increases sexual pleasure.

So, the next time you see your women showing satisfaction after regular vaginal sex, know that it's probably a counterfeit. Obviously, women do this to please their partners.

So take a moment, talk to your partner and find out what she likes and how she wants to be touched. Do not have a hurry to have sex. Just focus more on the pre-game. In fact, what we are trying to convey is more often trying to learn.

Does the outsourcing really work?

Yes, it is. The outdoor course means essentially any sexual activity that does not involve penetration. It can be touch, kissing, erotic massage and sex toys. Some orgasms feel better than others, says 78% of respondents. And better orgasms are not related to the duration of sexual contact. This is emotional intimacy, clitoral stimulation, a predominant question.

The sexual pleasure of a woman depends on her mood and stress levels. You may be surprised to know that 41% of women participating in the study reported that they only enjoyed one type of touch. But are their partners aware of this? Probably not. That is why we say that communication is the key. Talk to your better half about your preferences so you can get what you want. Your partner will also find it exciting.

Tips to give your wife a sexual pleasure

Yes, the organ that helps the woman orgasm is her clitoris. Much like the male penis, this little body is hidden under the hood between the female genital lips. Filling the blood vessels, the clitoris straightens when it is excited. But unlike the penis, it can be extremely sensitive and therefore has a lid to reduce the feeling a little.

Since the positions you would take during penetration can not stimulate the clitoris, it is a good option to use your mouth or fingers to do this and make your orgasm. Again, this requires some technique and finesse. So, to help you, here are some tips

Change the way you stimulate it

The movement came here (when you bend your fingers and hit the G-point) is not the best way to do it. And that's not enough to make her orgasm. So maybe it's time to change things. Remember how we told you that women achieve orgasm through clitoral stimulation rather than penetration. So you have to spend some time with her clitoris to give her the high level of orgasm.

Cut your nails

Make sure you cut your nails and write them before using them to enjoy the woman's vagina or clitoris. The skin in this area is extremely sensitive and can easily be injured with jagged nails.

Take a look at her vagina

Its vaginal area should be well oiled, if not, consider using a lubricant for this purpose. If you come in without any lubrication, you will hurt her and this is definitely suppressed.

Find the clitoris, recognize it and treat it properly

Yes, this is important advice. His touch in the right way can contribute to the perfect sexual feeling. Do it wrong and you may not receive an answer. The clitoris is a small cartilage structure under the hood. The whole package is present at the moment your lady's genital lips begin (the point at which both meet her navel).

Be gentle

Women prefer soft and gentle movements, especially over their clitoris. Not only is it an extremely sensitive place, but you can be harsh, you may feel uncomfortable. So, make sure you start using light pressure and movement. Once you see that your partner is sufficiently excited, you can continue to move faster or even use a little more pressure. Using gentle circular movements is the best way to stimulate the clitoris.

Stimulate the entire region

You can even spoil things by stimulating the whole region. Move your fingers (pointer and middle finger) from the clitoris to your vaginal opening and move up the other side. Doing this a couple of times can help make things much hotter and surprise her too. Plus, she gives her clit a little rest that can increase sexual pleasure.

Move to the vagina

Once she is excited enough, you can take two fingers and carefully push them into the vagina. You can use your fingertips to stimulate her G-spot (located on the front wall of her vagina – the area facing the abdomen) or her A-spot (present on her spine). Here's a guide to finding and stimulating the G-point.


Okay, we do not want to watch a movie or read a book while you're stimulating her vagina. But what you really need to do is when you use one hand to stimulate the inner wall of her vagina, use the other hand to stimulate your clitoris. This can be extremely enjoyable and make her orgasm more powerful.

Do not change anything

It is often to think that the moment your partner begins to wake up and is near the climax, you have to change things so that you can strengthen it. But this is one of the worst mistakes you can make. So when it starts to become more vocal and is about to get an orgasm, do not change anything. Just keep doing the same movement and watch her have the best orgasm in her life.

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