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RoboCup Comp: The case for measles confirmed among those attending the event

Hundreds of children attending a recent robotics event were alerted after one of the attendees was confirmed to have measles.

Health warnings were sent to schools and parents of children at the RoboCup event, which took place at St Cuthbert & # 39; s College, Auckland on August 10th.

There are 456 confirmed cases of infectious disease so far.

Auckland Regional Public Health Service has sent a letter to RoboCup schools and the community, stating that all non-immunized participants are at risk of contracting a viral infection.

Hundreds of children, staff and parents were at the event seeing teams, and the robots they built and trained compete in robot soccer and robot rescue.

An event man was confirmed with measles on August 16.

The current measles epidemic has hit New Zealand earlier this year, with cases rising from a handful in Waikato and Bay of Plenty in January to about 40 in Canterbury by March.

The disease surfaced in Auckland at the end of March and since then has been worst in South Auckland, with more than half of all cases reported in Manukau DHB counties.

Auckland Regional Public Health Specialist Dr. Mary Poynter said the number of people diagnosed with the disease is continuing to rise.

Figures show that most cases in Auckland are in children under 5 years of age.

It is estimated that children will receive measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccinations at 15 months and again at 4.

Getting both pockets gives them a 99% chance of lifelong immunity, and even one pocket provides 95% immunity.

Anyone who is affected may be exposed to the virus, it is recommended that you call Healthline on 0800 611 116.

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