Sunday , September 26 2021

The government spied on Bush when Haomea played – Bishop

The Government's refusal to release the Wally Haumaha investigation report that had been carried out for almost a week had resulted in Police Commissioner Mike Bush refusing to answer questions this morning, said police spokesman Chris Bishop.

"The Bush Commissioner appeared on behalf of the Police at the Select Committee this morning, but refused to answer any questions about the report, the appointment of Haumaha, allegations of bullying against Mr Haumaha and the political relations that Mr. Haumaha had.

"This meeting was arranged a few weeks ago. The government's cynical steps to postpone the release of the report until the hearing were embarrassing and once again lied to the commitment that the Government would be the most open and transparent in history.

"Every question submitted to the Commissioner about the report met with a strong defense.

"The Commissioner refused to answer the question of what he knew about Mr Haumaha's comments in 2004 around Operation Austin, what he said, or did not say, to Minister Nash or Prime Minister Ardern around his knowledge, and whether he had trust in Mr Haumaha .

"Bush's Commissioner indeed revealed that the Police had taken" extensive legal advice "about who has the power to defend Mr Haumaha. Bush insisted that the suggestion was" not him. "This is a direct contradiction with the Prime Minister who has previously described this as a matter of employment for the Commissioner.

"The explanation of Bush and the contradiction of the Prime Minister is welcomed. Mr. Haumaha is the appointment of the Prime Minister, which is made based on recommendations to the Governor General. He must have it, and he must correct this irresistible situation."

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