Saturday , July 24 2021

The new spinning hero Black Caps & # 39; Ajaz Patel & # 39; a fantastic professional, in all senses & # 39;

When Ajaz Patel played Black Caps for a narrow win over Pakistan on Monday night, he received support from his teammates at the Taradale Cricket Club.

Since moving to Hawke & # 39; s Bay from Auckland in 2012, that's where the left arm spinner has been trading, leaving a strong impression.

Sean Davies coached the Taradale senior team this season and liked what he saw from Patel, especially the mindset he showed when he dropped from the Central Districts task.

Ajaz Patel celebrated the goal against Pakistan.


Ajaz Patel celebrated the goal against Pakistan.

"His attitude towards the cricket club is the same standard as how he did himself in first class matches. He is very professional," Davies said.

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"Often you can see first-class cricket players, when they return to club level, their efforts are not necessarily as good as they should be, but he is very opposite. He is an extraordinary professional, in all respects."

Davies said there was a lot of interest in Patel on Monday night, when he took 5-59 to help Black Caps win four times in Abu Dhabi.

"There are a lot of messages going on and lots of support. Many people stay up late at night to watch him bring home the game and I think many people will jump up and down, especially when he gets the last one."


The Black Caps won a famous 4-run victory after Pakistan lost their last seven wickets with just 41 matches.

Patel has been one of the most prominent players at Shield Plunket in recent years, claiming more wickets over the past three seasons than anyone else. Last season he took 48 wickets with an average of 21.52 and was named the New Zealand Cricket domestic player this year.

He turned 30 in October, making his international debut at the end of the month in the Black Caps series' Twenty20 against Pakistan, then receiving a nod for his debut test last week.

"He's a man who, through a lot of hard work, has learned his trade," Davies said.

Ajaz Patel took 5-59 in Pakistan's second round as Black Caps secured a rare away win.


Ajaz Patel took 5-59 in Pakistan's second round as Black Caps secured a rare away win.

"He was very successful at club level, he became a phenomenal player at the first level level.

"He has a number of blows along the way and may be able to get a call much faster, but at the stage of never moaning or complaining about it, he just continues his task and gets better and better.

"He clearly set himself up to make the most of his abilities and he rolled with a punch and never complained or gave up. He was fantastic."

Davies said Patel had a strong relationship with Taradale, touching the base even when out of town with the Central District, or more recently, the Black Hat.

"It's a phenomenal relationship. What I like about him is that he follows the results of the Taradale regularly.

"Even if he is on his way, he will see the results and express his congratulations about the show, he is regularly in contact with the group. Even considering how busy he is with his own cricket career, he still has time to do that, which is extraordinary."

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