Friday , July 30 2021

Two Divers in New Zealand Discover Mysterious Creatures, Giant & Weird in the Sea

Not often divers find mysterious creatures at sea. If they are lucky they might find strange sea creatures that look like headless chickens or the oldest wreck in the world.

Two divers in New Zealand found a 26 meter worm sea creature, and that was also face to face. Reports show that two divers, Steve Hathaway and Andrew Buttle dived off the coast of Whakaari, White Island when they saw the mysterious creature.

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In a video that becomes viral, the shape of the worm changes when it moves slowly in the ocean. Strange creatures have been identified as Pyrosome – small creatures that form hollow tubes sealed at one end.

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"I always want to see it. I'm very excited, it's like finding something you've dreamed of for years," Hathway told NDTV.

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