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In the Rasmus and Saga podcast of Addresssevisen, President Ivar Koteng talks about the crisis meeting that took place in Bracca after the May 16 loss to Haugesund, where the chairman felt it was a stated and disappointed coaching duo.

"But it wasn't like he said, 'Can't Ivar get this? "The reporter asked.

"I think he probably said that, but you're saying very disappointed, but we had to be patient because we (read: RBC board) believed that," Koteng replied.

  • NRK Koteng did not want to answer questions about the meeting.

The leading Rosenborg champion remained with a bad six points and was missed with a score of 0.75 after eight rounds of the series.

“I was a little angry

When Horneland is confronted with Koteng's statements, he admits bad results have come to him.

– We had a meeting on May 16, where I was disappointed and, at the very least, cursed after a fight. But then you fall asleep and then you roll up your sleeves again and move on, he tells NRK.


BE CURRENT: Erik Horneland admits he was angry after losing May 16 at the old Haugesund club.

"But did you say that this was no longer Ivar?"

"I don't think I said that." We talked about where we stood and that we lacked quality. We got clear reactions to this after the match with Mjøndalen and then we grow a lot. All the salaries of the player group for that.

The crisis meeting was the beginning of an extreme transformation and turnaround.

Three days after the crisis, Rosenborg won 2-3 at home against Mondalen. The Trunders have since been the elite of the elite series with 19 points in eight rounds of the series. It gives a result of 2.34 and they top the form table for the same time period.

I still believe in serial gold

Now the Trunders are nine points behind the leader of the Molde Series, with a game played less after the halftime season. And although Horneland describes the beginning of his RBK career as "difficult", there is still plenty of gold in RBK's camp.

– Anything is possible. In any case, we will fight and fight to the end to join the summit and to believe that we will succeed, Alexander Soderlund tells NRK.


AIR: Alexander Soderlund still has faith in serial gold, despite the difficult and difficult spring season.

– We are growing as a football team and if we deal with the weather we will see how it is in November. We just have to move forward, Horneland answers direct questions about gold prospects.

NRK football expert Morten Morisbak Skjønsberg believes that formidable improvement in form could lead to a fifth straight championship.

"Molde is a little unstable and you have to be careful about starting the RBK train," says Skjønsberg.

– A little defeat

Skjønsberg is adamant that Horneland had to catch up after the terrible start and that he managed to get the grip he made.

He fell into it a little while trying to teach old dogs new tricks through a strange formation. They cleaned it and got used to it again, says Skjønsberg.

The changes he is aiming for are a change in the 4-4-1-1 formation to the classic RBK 4-3-3 formation with two excellent runners who have largely dominated Lerkendal in recent seasons.

Horneland admits that they underestimated the importance of the philosophy with which Niels Arne Eggen and Bjorn Hansen had great success in the 1990s.

– What we initially understood was that we should build on the philosophy and culture that lies in Rosenborg. And slowly but surely we've gotten more decent and established a common understanding so we will eventually become really good, says the head coach.

NRK's ​​other football expert, Carl Eric Thorpe, is not particularly impressed that Horneland has strayed from his initial plan to succeed in Haugesund.

Carl-Eric Thorpe

NOT INCLUDED: NRK football expert Carl-Eric Thorpe sees the formation change as a minor defeat.

Photo: Julia Marie Naglestad

“I look at this as a little defeat. It's about his confidence in his philosophy and what he sold on board RBK. I felt it was the first step to getting fired. He had to give in to his own philosophy, and I viewed it as a weak sign, he says.

Impressed by Horneland

Thorpe, however, is impressed with how Horneland stood in the storm this spring.

“I'm impressed with how Horneland and his team were. They were out in the harsh times when the results failed, they went wrong and were boring to watch. They are very dependent on turning if Horneland had not graduated.

Søderlund was also impressed with how Horneland stood in the storm when the results collapsed this spring.

“I'm very impressed. He got the hardest start he could get and was in it. But he is confident in himself and does what is necessary for us. So it was a great training period for both him and us, says Soderlund and receives support from his Pelle teammate Andre Heleland:

“He did very well. There is a lot more pressure here than at other clubs. He is standing back and there must be better certainty when things are going well now, says Holland to NRK.

The dream of Europe is alive

In addition to the good result since the May 16 crisis meeting, there has been significant progress in the game. This means that the dream of gaming in Europe, which seemed almost unthinkable in early May, can now become a reality.

After winning 3: 2 against BATE Borisov in the second qualifying round, a double agreement awaits Slovenian Maribor.

On Wednesday, the first game was played against Maribor, and Horneland has faith in the advance.

"We must dare to take the fight and take the initiative, then it is quite possible to win," says Horneland.

– This will be a difficult and even match, this is a challenge that we take right-handed. There are two matches, so if we are off to a good start, there are good opportunities in Lerkendal, says Hollande about the opportunities for progress.

If Rosenborg wins, the winner awaits the winner of Dinamo Zagreb and Ferencvaros in the last obstacle of qualifying for the Champions League.

"RBK is Norway's leader and it is important for them to be able to move forward," Skjønsberg said after the match against BATE last week.

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