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Axel Henny is getting married


Become a Husband: Axel Henny here at the Tremors premiere last year

Become a Husband: Axel Henny here at the Tremors premiere last year Photo: Frode Hansen

A press release from the Haguezund Film Festival reveals that the actor will not participate in today's performance of the Walk of Fame. Reason: He was "abducted" by his own trestle team.

In a video that Henny sent to the organizer of the film festival, he regretted not being able to attend the performance.

– As you can see, I'm traveling. Thank you so much for throwing a stone on a street in a city in Norway, I'm incredibly grateful for that, says Axel Henny in the video, among other things.

Festival director Tonge Hardersen said in a press release that they felt it was very sad that Axel Henny could not have come to Hogsund to receive this honor anyway.

“Of course, it is a condition for the recipient of this honor to be present at the opening, so this morning Axel was placed in a suitable pinch. We still hope he gets a fantastic band and we are clearly looking forward to the love, says festival director Tonje Hardersen in a press release.

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The press release also states that there were several friends who "abducted" Hennie on Saturday morning.

The unveiling was scheduled at 2pm with the presence of Anne-Marit Jacobsen.

Hennie and her partner Caroline Hegbom have a baby together. From a previous relationship, he has a teenage daughter, Heda.

Then ended between Axel Henny and Tone Damley in 2013, Henny kept a low private profile. Henny and Damli have been together since 2009 and got married in the summer of 2012 after Axel Henny left Paris with a self-designed ring. The wedding was due to take place in Sicily in August.

Just before Christmas in 2015, Henny also decided to cut Facebook. He reasoned at the time as follows:

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“After a long squeeze from a nine-year-old who thinks Daddy's a hell of a lot cooler when he's not on the phone, and after a good lunch with Gunnar Greve with good conversations, I finally decided. The first part of my "debugging journey" begins tomorrow. Then I delete my Facebook account, he writes.

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