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– Be prepared for disappointment

Twenty-five years after the original lion film, the premiere of Simba, Nala and Mufasa, a new and modern version will appear on screens around the world.

Disney has been successful in modernizing old classics earlier. The new version of the Jungle Book, which premiered in 2016, recorded almost NOK 8 billion.

Far from the original

On Wednesday, July 17, the new version of the Lion King premiere in Norway, but foreign reviewers have so far been impressed with nothing.

If you've never been a Lion King fan, nothing new to the new movie will also convince you. But for those who are too young to have seen the original, it can be a life-changing experience, "the director
Peter Debruge, in the American magazine Variety.

Technical masterpiece

Reviewer at Vulture Bilge Ebiri
writes that the film is a technical masterpiece and that it is hard to believe it is done in a studio. But Ebri is far from convinced.

"The mood of the movie has changed." Suddenly, the iconic opening scene does not feel when all the animals gather on the ground to celebrate the newborn Simba, as triumphant or touching as in the animated classic,
he feels coolly authoritative, "he writes.

USA Today, reviewer Brian Truith does not believe a new version is needed
the film classic and wrote that the original still remains very good.

Ruthless criticism

"The new film does a well-done job, making life a classic for a new generation, and it looks spectacular on the way. But the original will still be the real main attraction, "writes Truitt.

Scott Mandelson, a reviewer in Forbes magazine, is relentless in his criticism.

– Be prepared for disappointment. In almost every moment, this version is less charming, less passionate and less dramatic, "Mandelson writes.


In the new version of Lion King, superstar Beyoncé and rapper Donald Glover, best known as Childish Gambino, have the votes of Nala and Simba. They also released a new version of Elton John's classic, "Can
You feel love tonight.

In an interview with the US electric show Jimmy Kimmel, Glover admits that the record offers some challenges.

"I asked not to be in a room with Beyonce when we recorded the song. I could not see her in my eyes as I did this, he says.

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