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Bergenser, 42, will help Rosenborg in the Champions League


TRONDHEIM (VG) (Rosenborg-NK Maribor 3-1, 6-2 combined) At the same time that Rosenborg defeated Maribor, the 42-year-old berger followed the arrangement between Ferencvaros and Dinamo Zagreb.

Shortly after Rosenborg secured the playoffs for the Champions League place, it became clear that Croatian Dynamo Zagreb would become an opponent. The first match will be played in Zagreb on Wednesday, August 21st. The return match will be played at Lerkendal next Tuesday.

“I don't know them well enough. It is important to focus on the match that was supposed to be played today, but we have the people of the match, says sports manager Stig Inge Bjornebie before VG.

– Who?

– We have people there, Bjørnebye says, without wanting to improve.

football analyst

Faced with VG, Rosenborg's human resources manager Throne Alstad facilitates a bit more of a veil than Bjørnebye.

“We have a scout there, as Eric Horneland knows before. His name is Tom Mungernes and he has extensive experience in football analysis.

Mangersen has worked as a trainer in clubs such as Feelingen, Osane, Leo-Ham, Bran and Sogndal, and has also been involved in TV2.

VG confirms that the 42-year-old from Bergen also attended Stockholm with his assistant coach Trond Henriksen when Maribor defeated AIK in the second qualifying round.

Emotional Bear Bear

– It's awful to watch. It's much easier to play. The pledge is many, everyone has brought it. The players also seem to have brought it. You have to be pretty strong mentally to turn it around, not least when you come out a little twisted. I take pride in the way they turned it around. He is strong, says Bjornebier after Rosenborg's development.

– Is this ability to turn it around, a positive consequence of being in a shit and storm for a long time?

– Well, you know. What matters is that when the pendulum swings and receives criticism of the environment, then it is important to focus on the things you work with and build a strong team that works in the same direction. That's what we did.

Apparently the board chairman Ivar Koteng was happy to go through the press area without stopping.

“It was a lot of emotion. It was hell, a lot, but now it's just a pleasure, ”Chairman Ivar Koteng tells VG when the elevator doors open.

VG Live Rosenborg-NK Maribor minute by minute

Record the crowd in the stands

Rosenborg's general manager Tove Moe Dyrhaug did not hide that victory was important.

– It cost us a lot because we had a slightly problematic start. We have ambitions to play in Europe and now we know we will. We have the muscles to make a deficit, but of course it is important for us to come to Europe.

– Make the progress you have made yours financial ambition?

– The media really got me into this economy. We have now reached our goal of sports by coming to group games in Europe. When we play fun attacking football, people come to the stadium and are happy.

Currently 18 564 spectators are the best season in Lerkendal.

– I think it's good that we're approaching 19,000 on a rainy night. It is incredibly good and it was an incredibly good atmosphere.

– Rosenborg was the best

Maribo coach Darko Milanic was disappointed, but took after the loss 6-2.

– Rosenborg was a better team in two games. This is a good layer. They do not need many chances to score goals. So it was in Maribor and so it was here. We lost this settlement at home. I wish them luck, "he tells VG.

"Were you surprised at how good Rosenborg was?"

– No, we know that Rosenborg has many routines and that they are physically healthy. It's easy to know what they're trying to do, but they do it so well it's hard to defend yourself.

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