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It is tempting to blame Toyota for pure lies.


  • A lot of driving
  • Experience the direct game
  • There is probably more power than that
  • Great sound
  • Design that looks good in reality
  • IsoFix is ​​in place – even without a back seat
  • Perhaps Toyota's best interior
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Design that shows commitment

The bad

  • Many BMWs shine
  • In just two decades we have received 10 more horsepower
  • The gearbox could have been sharper

It's great


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Toyota Supra is one of the cars that will be remembered in the history of cars. Japan's "super car killer" was – and is – loved by true car lovers.

Brilliantly unmodified, innovative when tuned. The car's wheels can spit out 800 horsepower after expert treatment without failing after the first test.

Some believe she has the credit for the success of the fast-paced and furious movie series.

In 2002, however, it was a complete stop after the car was stopped for some time. Toyota will no longer make fun cars. They just have to be smart cars.

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The car sculpture bears the mark of the designers who have been given a free seat.

But now Toyota is rebuilding the car. The new management (read: Akio Toyoda) has made "fun" once again an acceptable term for the Japanese car giant.

He had to resort to Aktiengesellschaf

The car, on the other hand, had a tight birth: After many years of common sense and flat emotions, Toyota lacked a spare part that simply overflowed with parts that could be assembled as a new legend. And developing a new sports car from scratch is very expensive.

It compares poorly with a relatively small market.

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Supra has a design that stands out – in a good way.

Fortunately for the Japanese – the second largest car manufacturer in the world – they saw that a small car manufacturer located in the foothills of the Alps (in Europe!) Could be a good partner.

For decades, this manufacturer has been for sale with a shiny roofless roadster. Recently, however, the car has experienced a decline in sales.

Rumor has it that this small car manufacturer – known by the name Bayerische Motoren Werke Aktiengesellschaf – was so unhappy with sales that it thought it was not creating a new generation of car.

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So Toyota suggested they would be happy to share the cost of developing a new generation of sports cars. The resulting BMW car can continue to sell in a roadster edition like the Z4, while Toyota wants the car as its Supra.

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They took one another, bowed, and set up the production of neutral land in Austria.


Therefore, the new Supra is a German-Japanese cooperation project, with the Germans largely in the driver's seat. The Germans are responsible for the drive as well as the interior.

Toyota was allowed to design the exterior of the car – plus they apparently had some veto power. Among other things, they require a significant reduction in the wheelbase of the 2-series platform from which the car was actually developed.

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The Supra has a 3-liter six-horsepower series providing 340 horsepower. At least.

Under the hood is the same series of hexagons that BMW uses in the Z4, X3 and X4 M40i versions. And just about anything else that ends up in the BMW 40i right now.

In the Z4, this engine delivers 340 horsepower and 500 Nm. The same goes for Toyota Supra specifications.

But whether we have to believe the rumors that are the great intertwining is not true. Toyota has the power to adjust the engine in a different way to the Supra than the Z4. What exactly it means is not clear. Although the paper numbers are similar, comparisons of the drag bar show that Supra drives the Z4.

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After putting the car on a dynamo, Motor Trend claims the numbers are closer to 390 horsepower and 617 Nm. Pure horsepower is not far from what the same engine does in the BMW M340i.

In fact, that also seems like a much more accurate figure, since the Supra was sold two decades ago with a 330 horsepower engine. 10 horsepower in two decades is not much to praise.

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Supra is in an ace of meandering country roads.

A real car for happiness

Just to clarify: Sitting behind the wheel of the new Supra is a joy. Previously, we drove the car over the wet Rudskogen, where we really got to know the impeccable balance of the car when the car was turned on turns and the grip disappears.

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Now that we've got the car on the dry country roads, the balance is still there – at the same time that the car is actually able to land forces on the asphalt.

Or … Imposing forces in the most engaging way possible: You don't have to experience much of an unprovoked twist with the throttle ass. No drama, just a little hint of driving pleasure.

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While the Z4 largely feels like a fast cruiser, the Supra has the feel of a sports car.

The gas response is good, the steering precision is fantastic. Not only is the precision fantastic, but the car goes through turns in an engaging and predictable way.

0-100? Just over 4 seconds.

The importance of 6 years under the hood can also not be underestimated. They could certainly be made like the Mercedes, which now extends over 400 horsepower to a four-cylinder engine. But two additional cylinders provide both character and sound and torque.

While the Z4 largely feels like a fast cruiser, the Supra has the feel of a sports car.

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The steering is very precise – although the leakage of the hydraulics still somewhat suppresses the sensation with the ground.

To put your finger on something, it must be shown that such a car can benefit from a slightly more aggressive gearbox.

There is nothing wrong with the ZF gearbox, but a dual clutch solution that gave a bit more kicks when changing gears – probably a manual gearbox – wouldn't go wrong.

What is not at all right is that although the car has the feel of a sports car, it is surprisingly comfortable to drive from A to B.

The adaptive chassis works wonders, and the uneven road is no problem. Tire noise is also significantly lower than we expected.

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We know that the design of both the new Z4 and the Supra is controversial. The new Z4 has almost become "bling" while the Supra's ass in particular is at first glance.

But when you take a closer look at the car (s), they both look amazingly good. The Z4 is one of the few thatched roof cars that looks great with the roof up – and the Supra shapes and offerings are beautiful in our opinion. It just works.

It looks a bit like a Lexus LC: It looks amazingly good in reality, but a little mediocre in the photos.

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Inside, there is no doubt that BMW had complete control over the development.

The interior has nothing to do with Toyota's usual interior, except for the steering wheel logo – and the possible seats. Everything else is a blissful combination of second- and second-generation BMW interiors.

And should we be brutally honest, that's good!

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If we have to complain about something, the dashboard seems a little lacking. You also have nowhere to put your hand if both cup holders are used.

The car even managed to fit IsoFix child seats.

The peculiarity is that there is no complete distinction between the luggage compartment and the front seats. You can simply place your hands between the seat backs and get what you need in the back seat. It's weird, but why not?

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The boot has plenty of room – and there is an opening at both ends.


Rebuilding a legend is a bold project, but what Toyota has done with the new Supra seems like a pretty good start.

It is inevitable that much of the car comes from the BMW world, but is tailored to Toyota's wishes. This is not a white labeled solution. And no shame in working with someone who knows what they're doing.

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Whether the new model can trace the status of the legend in the tuning environment remains to be seen, and with Norwegian fees there is in no way a cheap youth car. With a price – including a lot of equipment – of over 900,000, this is a car reserved for a few.

But being a standalone product is very exciting. This is just a car that one would like to spend extra time driving.

It's even so special that it's not even obvious which cars are competitors. The Z4 is just plain talentless. The Cayman S is more expensive. The F-Type is significantly more expensive. The 2 Series is mostly a fast, small family car. TT no longer exists.

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