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BROKERS , ACCOUNTS Collector companies had 8.6 million cases in 2017

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The number of cases has increased by 3.6 million since 2010.

She writes Aftenposten. In 2010, five million recovery cases were filed, according to Financestilsynet's statistics.

In addition, the number of cases continued to increase from NOK 4,4 million in the first half of 2017 and to NOK 5 million in the first half of 2018.

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Jorge B. Jensen, deputy chairman of the Consumer Council, pointed out Aftenposten on several possible reasons for the increase.

Among other things, he believes some Norwegian debt collection companies take advantage of very small amounts. Another explanation is that companies can quickly recruit debt-collection teachers and hand over the deed's affairs. According to the Consumer Protection Council, the number of employees in debt collection companies remains stable as the number of cases has increased.

– Creditors and collection companies in Norway have particularly good working conditions. The law on the recovery of claims contributes to this, but also the fact that the sublet uses a lot of resources to help the debt collection companies to collect receivables. It is provocative that we have to charge the nominee with accounts of 22 Norwegian kronor, says Jensen, who thinks that debt collection should be reduced by companies' costs.

He also points out that, inter alia, in England there is an agreement whereby the client and the creditor share the costs of the collection companies.

Aleksander Holand Nordahl, head of the business organization at Virke Inkasso, does not agree that recovery companies have particularly good working conditions, but points out that they have a risk of claims being paid.

He also says that several creditors require a higher degree of resolution with regard to the number of cases that are settled and how quickly it is reached. In addition, creditors have set a limit on how much the bill should be issued before legal action is taken. At the same time, digitization is progressing in the cases.

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