Tuesday , September 21 2021

Clear speech


A teenage house in Akershus pays NOK 9,500. An employee gives money to someone who sells drugs.

A young man owes money and is afraid of the consequences. Youth live in teenage homes. He did not handle the situation, according to the Dagbladet newspaper.

On February 23, someone from the teenager's house sent an envelope. There is money for medicine in an envelope.

April 16, anonymous notification is received.

Lini Andersen is the leader of the youth house. He said a thorough assessment was carried out before paying off debt.

"The state will not pay for medicines," said Kjetil A. Ostling. He works at the Bufdir directorate. They work with things about children, family and teenagers. The youth house is part of Bufdir.

The house should have done the same thing before.

– Bufdir knows that an institution has lent money. This has also been done before, said Ostling.

The directorate has provided clear information. None of their institutions will pay off debt after someone buys medicine.

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