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Crucial for a shock in Oslo: – A powerful blow to the apple bow

On Wednesday it became clear that Fjellinjen, which is a road company for Oslo and Akershus, has demanded ten percent more tolls in June this year than in the same month of last year.

At the same time, it is known that in June this year the number of road trips has tripled compared to last year and that now a much larger proportion of passengers is estimated at zero.

Frp's first candidacy in Oslo, Aina Stenersen, is still critical:

– The increase confirms what we believed: it was and will be a powerful contraction in the people's portfolio. Ten percent muchand we see that it hits those who have little revenue. This is also a powerful blow to Ap and Raymond Johansen, who have created the impression that most people get it cheaper, that is, have to pay less on tolls after the introduction of 53 new booms.

"It's a little respect for him," she says.

"It's not black and white

With this, it aims, among other things, to say that Johansson has said that Oslo citizens living outside ring 3 will pay less on tolls than before with the new boom.

She criticized City Councilor Raymond Johansen for denouncing the debate.

– People do not necessarily pay more than they did before, although revenue from tolls has increased and more are included and paying bills?

– We have a few examples of people in, for example, neighborhoods in Groruddalen and Østensjø, who pay more now than before. The picture is not black and white. A total increase of ten percent is a major interference in everyday life as a whole, says Stenersen.

– We also do not want electric cars to pay more. Automobiles also say that so few tolls go on the roads. The municipality, which has a budget of 73 billion euros, has to invest more, while the state has to go up to 80% in major transport projects, says Stenersen.

Charging in Oslopakke 3 was approved by Storting and Frp, but voted local against Oslopakke 3, which linked the increase in the toll.

Stenersen says they will have more action on the day of the pay-back election.

"Too early to say

Chief Financial Officer Magne Liestøl Larsen at Fjellinjen AS will not comment on whether the collection is higher or lower than expected in June – and is also not sure whether the June figures give a good idea of ​​what will be required in the coming months.

"It is too early to say, because now people have to adapt to all new payment stations, so we have to leave a little more time before we can say anything about the development of traffic," he told Dagbladet.

He said last week that they expect revenues to increase, but the figures were not clear today.

Total traffic decreased by 6.3% in June, but with the adjusted number of holidays the decline was 2%.

Also, not all have yet received invoices, so it is too early to say what people will actually pay on average, according to Larsen, who says they will come up with new incomes for July when they are ready.

Shake your head

A recent study shows that around 60% of road users have found to be overpaying and tolls could have serious political consequences in the autumn.

City councilor Raymond Johansen removes criticism from Stenersen.

– Here Aina Stenersen did not understand correctly. Revenue increases when more and more people contribute. Before June 1, only those who traveled to the city that they paid now have a much fairer system with lower pass rates, but wherever those who live in the city pay. Oslopakke 3 will provide better roads, better public transport and better air, says Johansen in a text message to Dagbladet.

The press release also states that 11.5 million of the 32 million passages in June were covered by the hourly rule and the monthly rate so the passes are priced at 0.

For comparison, last year there were 500,000 of 10 million passes.

NEW TREE: A completely new charging system was introduced in Oslo this year. The collection of tolls is allocated to three boom rings with a total of 83 toll stations. Photograph: Frederick Hagen / NTB scanpix
NEW TREE: A completely new charging system was introduced in Oslo on 1 June this year. The collection of tolls is spread over three bumper rings with a total of 83 toll stations. Photograph: Frederick Hagen / NTB scanpix
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