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Dakota Johnson – She doesn't look like that anymore


American actress Dakota Johnson, 29, became serious in 2015 when she starred with Anastasia Steele in the infamous Fifty Shades of Gray.

Although mostly known for her acting, she has quite another attention-grabbing feature.

Like other superstars like Madonna and Lauren Hutton, the space between the front teeth has become part of her brand.

Recently, however, it turned out that her actress straightened her teeth and closed the gap.

TODAY: Dakota used to joke about the gap between his teeth. Now that's the story. Photo: NTB Scanpix
The time when: Before that, Dakota joked about the gap between her teeth. Now that's the story. Photo: NTB Scanpix
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Shared video with humor

When the 29-year-old appeared at the premiere of her new movie Peanut Butter Falcon starring Shia Lebuff, 33, photos of a smiling Johnson could reveal she was a dentist.

Johnson has fascinated the world several times, using humorous self-irony for his smile. In a 2017 video for Vanity Fair, among other things, she showed all the objects that can fit between your teeth.

WIDE GLASS: Dakota Johnson grinned wide after brushing her teeth. Photo: NTB / Scanpix
WIDE GLASS: Dakota Johnson smiled broadly after brushing her teeth. Photo: NTB / Scanpix
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In the video, she presented with a big smile: "Today I will demonstrate how different objects can fit in my space between the teeth, because this is my only skill."

Here she got a place for a twig, a credit card, a cherry blossom, a paper clip and about $ 1,000 in cash.

ACCIDENT: When actress Dakota Johnson took the stage to receive the award from comedian and actress Leslie Mann, a smoker fastened to the back of her dress. Video: Reuters
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Fans who constantly praise her for humorously hating her own appearance have expressed their "anguish" when the premiere photos appeared on social media:

“I woke up that Dakota Johnson was no longer gaps between teeth. I'll cry back to sleep, writes one on Twitter.

Some noted that the star's teeth had become a "Trending Topic" on the platform, while others accepted the changes and the actor's choice.

“I just found out that Dakota Johnson fixed the gap between her teeth, and I'm a little sorry because it was kind of her trademark. But if that makes her feel better, then I'm fine. Cheers for you, another user writes.

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