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Eight damaged before a crash in Opland

Police say three of them are seriously injured, and national road 15 over Strinefilet is closed indefinitely.

Shortly after 5:00 pm Police reported that two cars crashed in Grotlivatnet in Skjåk municipality in Oppland. The cars had a total of eight people and were all injured.

"There was a front crash where a car entered the backpack. Three people are seriously injured. The other five have a different degree of damage, but there is a high-speed incident, so the range is unknown. We have a few airplanes in place, says operational manager Killarney Weigh in VG's Inland Water Police.

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He says there are three people in a car, and five in the other, and all are adults.

He says it is too early to say something about the cause of the incident, but there should be decent driving conditions. The police are on site with several patrols and also get help from the Møre og Romsdal police station, which sent a patrol from Geiranger.

Highway 15 is closed indefinitely, which obviously affects trafficking across the mountain. Before the road is opened, the police must carry out on-site investigations, and the two cars should be removed.

– None of them is executable. There is a great deal of material damage, says Wadge.

Due to long distances, it is difficult to recommend an alternative route for drivers in the area.

– The police told us the road might be closed for a while, so we recommend people look at the map and find other routes depending on where you are. People can, for example, move through Gajranger and Lesasskog or the E16 in Sogndal.

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