Wednesday , July 17 2019
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Employees listen to what you say to Google Assistant

We are not surprised.

When talking to your smart speaker or using Google Assistant on your phone, these "calls" are stored.

But the state-run Dutch media VRT NEWS says the cadres are also hand-processed by Google's external employees.

Manually becomes 0.2%

VRT NEWS is in contact with a person working on this issue. The man reveals that there are people who hear about 0.2% of all help commands. But not only when you say "Hey Google" or "Ok Google", Google shoots the sound. While the speaker thinks he is hearing one of these commands, an audio recording is made.

This means that people who are hired to listen through the recordings do not necessarily receive only real commands.

The person who spoke to the Dutch media stated that at least one clip he analyzed included the homeowner's address and information about the owner's family.

Infringement of EU Privacy Policy?

According to Wired, privacy experts believe the practice violates EU privacy rules.

But Google is not alone in this. Previously, it was revealed that Amazon Alexa also used people to analyze audio tracks made using Echo devices.

A Google spokesman tells Wired that the company will reconsider how they inform consumers about how data is collected.

Are you comfortable with companies that benefit from this practice?


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