Monday , September 16 2019
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Follow Bergenfest directly!

The people, the stars, the reviews, the weather and the atmosphere. BT gives you (almost) everything for this year's festival.

HOT: It is reported 20 degrees during the rest of the evening on the first day of Bergenfest. Erik Breke

It is ready for the first day at Bergenfest. The first group is bergenske romskip, which plays on the stage of Hjertebank. Then, the Charlatans, Tom Walker and Ryan Bingham include the program, as well as the headliner tonight, Bon Iver.

Do you have any questions? Advices? Something in your heart just have to go out? Send us a message!

If you have not decided yet what to look at this year's Bergenfest, you can read about which concerts are most interested in BT reviewers here.

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