Friday , December 4 2020

Fortnite hints at new collaboration with Marvel

Stormbreaker also joins the game. Image: Epic Games

Update at 20:30: Epic has released another image related to Twitter Avengers, this time with the Thor – Stormbreaker ax. We still do not know what the Fortnite developer wants, but the picture seems to confirm that players will play more objects than the superhero universe.

The original case follows.

Epic Games seem to have prepared a new collaboration agreement with Marvel, which will somehow blend the Avengers and Fortnite universe. We still do not know what it is but through twitter hinter develops something that will happen on April 25 – that is, the day after the Norwegian premiere of the upcoming Avengers: Endgame.

Not for the first time Epic and Marvel worked together in Fortnite. Image: Epic Games

By the time Epic has published a photo – you can see – with a Fortnite symbol, carrying Captain America's shield, which suggests that players are playing with him and maybe other superheroes in battle.

New hero?

This is not the first time Epic has allowed the Marvel universe to enter Fortnite. Last year, the developer introduced the Infinity Gauntlet Temporary Mode, where players struggle to be super powerful Thanos super-corks.

One possibility is that the new scheme is for a similar mode where players can find a copy of Captain America's shield. If that is the case, Epic will probably only make it available in temporary mode when the developer was slaughtered last time for the introduced super weapon for Fortnite's standard battles.

In other Fortnite news, Epic recently announced a grant for the upcoming World Cup. In addition to the royal battle mode, he also has to compete in the creative mode where the goal is to build Fortnite worlds freely after the imagination.

The Creative World Cup will hold qualifiers from April 29 to June 7, and those who advance in the final will compete for a prize pool of over $ 25 million. The Finnity World Cup finals will be held in late July.

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