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Hard against the contraction crisis – Dagbladet

The 2019 award was awarded a novel in the thriller genre, where women do not fight, persecute, sexually exploit, rape or kill.

This sets the controversial crisis of shrinking on its own website. The winner will be announced on 25 November, the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Several criminal writers are now raging. The reason is that price promoters claim that criminal novels can be detrimental to women's legitimacy, according to The Guardian.

Fear of silence

"The invented stereotypes of night chase, dark-attack attacks, serial killers and dangerous aliens are frighteningly misleading when 90% of rape victims know their abuser and most of the dead women know their killer," read the price website.

Sarah Hillary, known for her romantic series Marnie Rome, calls the muzzle award.

– Violence against women has many forms. Censorship is one of them. We are advised not to go to the police, if we are not trusted, we have learned to look for resistance to our version of the truth, and we are afraid to remain silent by shame.

She believes the award supports these messages. Critics such as Steve Mosby, Julia Crouch, Val McDermidy and Sophie Hanna are also among those who are fighting the initiative, claiming "offensive, backward and wrong."

– New trend

Crimean writer and former policeman Jorn Liher Horst responded to the ceremony of the awards ceremony. He believes that criminal literature has a turning point against stories that more closely reflect these conditions.

– That's exactly the new trend in the purple genre, which is called "home noir": the crimes that happen in the four walls of the house. So the red genre also predicts it. It is true that nine out of ten know their abuser, but this is also reflected in the criminal literature.

He points out that such crimes, as described on the price website – "night-time activities and attacks on dark streets" – unfortunately also happen, although they are a minority.

– Seeking

He does not agree that the criminal literature on serial killers and criminals is greater than the legal protection of women.

– I think I'm a little wanted. What are the trends in criminal literature now, is a kind of crime and abuse that happens in close relationships.

However, he is not undoubtedly critical of the price.

– It works great as a reminder to the creators of entertainment literature about how women are portrayed. It creates a debate and that's good. The founder in many respects has achieved what he was looking for, but I still think the starting point is rather misunderstood.

He believes these books are motivated by social concern and reflect the reality we live in.

– A reality that is getting harsher and more violent. Men who exercise power and control over women through fear and prolonged use of violence and threats are part of it. It must be visible, debated, debated and rewritten, not omitted from modern literature.

Positive for the price

Crimean writer Hane Christine Rodee is positive for the award, but disagrees with the awards ceremony.

– Violence against women at all levels of society, inside and outside the family, at work and in relationships, is totally unacceptable. I also experienced her as a former head of the Oslo police section for violence and sexual crimes, she told Dagbladet.

POSITIVE: Crimean writer Hans Kristin Rodee is positive for the Staunch award, but does not agree with all the claims of the winners of the awards. Photo: Lars Eivind Bones / Dagbladet
Positive: Crimean writer Hane Kristin Rodee is positive for the Staunch award, but disagrees with all the claims for the awards ceremony. Photo: Lars Eivind Bones / Dagbladet
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Rohde first heard about the prize when it was released last year. Then he thought it was a good idea.

– This in many ways helps to put a new emphasis on violence against women. The award provokes us, those who want and find inspirational, to realize what the violence will be in the script.

She could not win the prize alone, she stressed.

– With the possible exception of the novel "Offerdyr". What I find interesting is how the price is causing the old models. He looks at the way in which Crimea is presented and sets out the basics: Can a crime be written where people are crippled, mistreated, killed and raped on a low shoe? Of course, I sit in a greenhouse.

"There is no faith in him

However, it is critical of the strangest claims to win prizes.

"I do not see the need for criminal literature to reflect or look at what is happening in the community with millimeter accuracy. Although I want to put the current topics on the agenda through my crime, it is not primarily through the fiction that people have to learn what is wrong in society.

In particular, it responds to claims that the Crimea can harm the principles of the rule of law of women.

"I may be wrong, but today I have no faith in it. I believe we should have such confidence in our readers. They can understand that books do not always reflect statistics. Criminal literature is not a political document or a manifesto, it does not seem totally in line with reality. In fact, it's fiction.

– Worried

British author Bridget Lawles is behind a controversial award. According to the Associated Press news agency, the winner receives 2000 GBP (about 21,500 dollars).

The founder argues that the price committee is not trying to blame the authors of violence against women.

– But we are concerned about the way women are portrayed as victims of extreme torture, rape and murder. Explicitly described, bloody, terrible and long, normalized and fun for fun, she told the Guardian.

– The award pays tribute to thrillers, which are an alternative to cricket books on violence against women. If you have a problem with her, ask yourself why, she says.

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