Tuesday , October 26 2021

It looks like the switch is getting Super Nintendo controls


(PressFire.no): More information has emerged indicating that Nintendo intends to launch Super Nintendo games on Switch gradually. This time it looks like they are thinking of releasing a SNES wireless controller to the console.

An observant ResetEra user found that a few days ago, Nintendo filed a registration and application for such a check with the US communications authorities. FCC,

The FCC deals with the certification of products containing wireless transmitters or receivers and regulates, among other things, which frequencies can be used.

With registration, there was also a picture of what the SNES controller looks like.

So why do you think it's a Switch controller? At the back of the control drawing is the product number, HAC-042. "HAC" is at the beginning of both the product number of the switch itself and all official accessory products.

For example, the HAC-15 is the left Joy-Con controller.

It all comes after a series of points to Super Nintendo games for the console earlier. For example, references to the SNES emulator and a number of games appeared in the source code of Switch software some time ago, and icons for SNES controllers were also discovered before.

It should also be noted that Nintendo released similar wireless NES controllers until NES games switched to Switch.

But when we can expect everything, only the birds know. And Miyamoto, then. Nintendo has been granted six months of blocking all images attached to the app, so one would think it would be revealed by then.

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